FADER specialises in the design of light. We help create the atmosphere with the right lighting, both by day with our curtains and also at night with our lighting solutions (lamps, LEDs, custom creations and designs, etc.).  FADER is made up of young people who are eager to work.

We keep our promises and deliver highly professional service. We do not sell anything that has not been tested or is not backed by the European Union quality label.

We help you from the beginning of an idea to project completion and always achieve successful outcomes.
Right from when you decide to work with us our technical team will answer your questions and the rest of our staff will bring added value to your sales which means we can help grow your company.

So don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns you have with your salesperson. We will endeavour to find the best solution for each case.

Plus we are experts in home automation and have a free interface for full control of the space on your favourite platform:
mobile, tablet or PC. Ask us about their applicability.

Finally, we appreciate your interest and believe we can respond to your trust as it truly deserves.

Best regards,
Juan Molina
Manager and friend